Dead Mindset

from by Seconds Ago

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We've fucked our lives up for far too long
This doesn't put my mind at ease

Numb from the start, my destiny has been sealed
And I'm trying to find what's best for me
But this is my fate
So now I'm stuck with a fucked up mindset
You could say it was dead to begin with

My heart is fueled by hate
The air we breath, it isn't clean
What is the meaning of this
The lives we live, humanity growing heartless
What is the point in this, are they even honest
They've fed us lies for way to long

The devil has his hand in me
I've strayed from the path I was meant to lead
But it's too hard to fight


For far to long
I've been waiting on
To find hope
But you haven't shown me shit

Don't know what I'm supposed to think of this
You haven't even shown me shit

(We are void)
Why don't we learn from our mistakes
(To the truth)
Instead we all just give into our greed
(We are void)
Remain blind to everything
(To the truth)
We're all struggling

We all heard your lies for far too long
I won't take this shit anymore
You fucking deceivers, just leave me be
Remove the blindfold, so now you can see

You'll molt the shell of the angelic
This is the hell that you created


from 2015 Singles, released November 20, 2015



all rights reserved


Seconds Ago San Diego, California

Progressive hardcore/metal out of San Diego, CA

Smoke weed with us.

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